Erlan Vazquez was the Art Director for the production “Rolling” directed and produced by Andrew Neylon. Erlan also marketed and created many of the assets or the production, including submission materials.
The production was a documentary about the upcoming electric scooters and the chargers contracted in Austin Texas.
The poster for the production is displayed here.

Dirty Laundry

Erlan serves as the Art Director and Marketing Head on the following production directed by Andrew Neylon.
Dirty Laundry is a short film currently in the process of submittion to film festivals.
The animated title card is displayed as a .gif here.

Cry [No More] Remix

Cry is a single release by artist and producer Jaycleve which feature vocals from Rapper DEDLFE. The release featured visuals of vibrant traditional paint to be marketed throughout the release week.
All marketing materials were designed and created by Erlan Vazquez, including the cover art which is pictured here.


TRIP is a feature length horror film directed by Neil McCay. The film is currently in the process of being released and many assets are unavailable to be displayed. Erlan Vazquez serves as the Digital Art Asset Director for the film and created the film’s typeface, credits, character sketch animation and the poster which is displayed here.

SalmonHouse World

SalmonHouse is an Art Collective of which Erlan manages and directs the art and marketing of.
Displayed is the animation used by SalmonHouse for it’s films and video productions.

Spotify Playlist Cover Art

Pictured are three of the many covers designed for Spotify Playlists. Depicted are: Salmon Queens Eight - the eight installment of a flowery playlist of female identifying artists, Pink Pentagram Nineteen - A heavy metal playlist focusing on the macabre, and Salmon Solidarity - A playlist by SalmonHouse in support of George Floyd and BLM.

SalmonHouse Posters

Two posters designed for SalmonHouse to represent their abstract and bizarre approach to the art industry.