Spread Designs and Logos

Care+ Mock Case Study with Stafford Animal Center

Pictured is a design for a mock case study for a fundraising company in partnership for a animal focused charity.

The brief needed to represent the companys style and branding while incorporating the images that helped surge the fundraiser beyond expectations. Emphasis on the successes include exceeding the goal by 22%, 279 Participants and First-Time Virtual Event. This example brief required original assets and mockups as well as original design elements and logos.

Wholesome Good Catalog

Depicted are two speads that display products sold at the online distributor Wholesome Good. The design highlights the companies best brands and provides insightful information while making it easy and fun for retailers to order!

Examples of page spreads and designs available.

Each design portrays the topic of the spread simply with it’s design and images. These designs depict various styles of documents such as educational, editorial and entertainment.

Logo Designs

Below the spreads are a few examples of logo designs. All designs are available in a variety of colors, both with and without backgrounds, as hi-res images and vectors. Examples show simple font based logos, an ambigram and a sketch based logo.